Entrepreneur has city’s only mobile tool sharpening.

Scott Gooch knows one thing for sure — his blades make clean cuts.

Gooch owns Sharp ‘N’ It, Maricopa’s only mobile multi-tool sharpening business.

“We sharpen anything that requires any type of edge,” Gooch said.

He has a specialized wheel made specifically for him that enables him to sharpen anything from kitchen knives to lawn mower blades.

Gooch, 42, started his business about five years ago, but turned it into an LLC in the past year.

“We’re really coming out of our shell this year,” he said. “Before it was just a hobby.”

Gooch previously kept his equipment in a trailer he pulled with his truck, but he just moved into a new and bigger trailer to allow him to sell knives out of the back and keep his sharpening equipment in the front.

“We’ve pretty much taken all the money I’ve earned and turned it back into the business so we can have a better shop, better equipment and stuff that doesn’t get ruined as fast,” he said.

His primary goal for 2013 is to educate people about sharpening.

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