Opinel has just teamed up with L.L.Bean to offer an exclusive new version of the Opinel No. 8 with a meaningful connection to the outdoor apparel retailer. Called the Moosehead Knife, it dresses up the classic No. 8 pattern with handles made from 100 year old maple reclaimed from Moosehead Lake in Maine, L.L.Bean’s home state.

The maple on the Moosehead Knife was pulled from the floor of Moosehead Lake (shown below) and shipped to France, where Opinel crafted it into these knives. Opinel produces knives in a range of sizes, but the No. 8 is particularly revered for its ease of carry and versatile 3.25-inch blade.


Joseph Opinel began his knifemaking career in 1890. The shepherds, farmers, fishermen, and artisans of the Savoie region of the French Alps were the first to put Joseph’s knives to the test. As time passed, the company grew–as did the popularity of the knives throughout Europe, and eventually the world. The Opinel brand mark depicts the hand of St. John the Baptist and the crown of the former Savoie Dukedom. Only the genuine article will bear this mark, guaranteeing each knife’s quality and authenticity. OP-23080 8 VRI Stainless steel clip blade Natural varnished beechwood handle Safety ring for locking the blade 3-1/4″ blade Blade width: 11/16″ Blade thickness: 1/16″ 4-3/8″ closed Made in France